It's a very good app for mineral water distribution and suppliers are easy to maintain.

Shrikant from SK Beverages Hyderabad

Nice experience. Close to covering all parameters of the business, Great App once again.

Meyiwa Okotie From Nigeria

Excellent app I am using this app for making monthly water cans invoices it's very useful for water delivery distributors like me.

Basheer Hyder from Mumbai

Super App. This is so simple and easy to use. Thank you to WaterVans team. I am a driver and I mostly use it to save daily entry and payment. This app helps me keep track of all my customer order as well. Also using the payment request feature. I started a few years back only, but my business looks much more professional now.

Radheshyam from Radhey Enterprises Delhi

Nice app for water delivery businesses. I tried other billing and accounting applications in the market, but they were either very difficult to use for a beginner or very costly. Monthly cards fit for any Water dealer easy to operate and have all the basic features that one would need in a business. Great stuff guys. Keep up the good work.

Seaview packaging LTD Nigeria

I have been using it for the past 2 years.just superb app I have bought the 5 years subscription now few days back at offer price. Believe me the best Monthly Basis accounting app ever I have been thru since past 5 years.gone thru more than 100 accounting apps.

Amrish Patel, JeelPari Aqua,Surat

It's a great Water Delivery accounting app, all the function is easy to use,it is easy to understand,its a great app,i like it

Satish, Komal Jaldhara Thane

It is a great application in this type of app. And the help desk and development team take care of user requirements time to time and update its features thanks WaterVans team.

Dr.Kapil from Shri Vijay Enterprises, Mumbai

Manage Customer

Add customer and manage on the go by simply filling a form in the mobile or web app.

Assign Drivers

Optimise your work operation by adding one or more drivers to your team.

Product management

Create multiple products and add different pricing per customer per product

Easy Orders and Cards

Order by simply scanning a QR code which get assigned per vendor per customer

Custom reports

Get detailed sales reports per customer. These reports are available per customer on daily, monthly and yearly statistics

Payment request

Send payment request to your customers and keep track of pending and received payments per customer


Manage Customers

Create and manage customer while on the road.

Easy delivery

Reading focus mode for long form articles, ebooks and other materials which involve a lot of text and multiple images

Download Driver App

One Click Order

Scan to order your vendor, QR can also be downloaded and printed to more ease.

Payment history

Check detailed history of previously made and upcoming payments.

Vendor search

Search for new vendors if you are not satisfied with your current vendor.


Detailed reports on total purchase jar per month or year


A comprehensive solution

There are many shortcoming or gaps between businesses and consumers which monthly cards bridges and solves

1Operating issues for Water delivery vendors:

a) Doing accounting on paper based cards which are not efficient for accounting, most of the time these cards are lost or damaged by customers.
b) As most of the customer are postpaid, vendor has to follow-up for payments which is even 6-8 months due in some cases.
c) No optimal way to manage drivers.
d) Lack of CRM to manage customers and their orders.
e) New order are taken via calls or messages which are not easy to manage, and can leads to miscommunication, delay and loss of resources

a) Branding or door to door marketing is very costly.
b) A single vendor cannot serve many customers and has regional limitations
c) None of the water delivery apps are successful in efficiently mapping vendors to customers and none of them provide a single city wide coverage efficiently

a) Standardization is completely missing in terms of rate and water purity.
b) On time delivery is always a issue.
c) Absence of CRM for postpaid customers.
d) Very limited option to choose from.
e) Customer cannot check vendor portfolio or profile (reviews and rating) before buying

For Vendors

A CRM and accounting mobile (Android & iOS) and web application for water delivery vendors, allowing them to manage

Customers and orders
Daily deliveries
Drivers and inventory on the go.
Generating new pre-paid customer and assigning them to registered vendors
Generating new post-paid customer and assigning them to registered vendors
Low cost customer engagement with promotions and discounts

For post paid and pre-paid customer

A simple to user mobile app for android and iOS devices. Allowing them with easy of below functionality

Place new orders to current vendor
Choose from variety of products available in their respective locality
Switch between vendors for better service
Simple accounting and previous order details
Notifications of new and upcoming orders
Online payment

Vendor Registered




Order delivered

Our goal is to improvise the supply chain for every business that connects with us. We belive in transperancy and we respect every individuals and business's privacy, please check out our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Pricing Plans

Annual Billing

Monthly Billing

No Branding

  • No Limit Customer and Driver
  • Unlimited Daily Entries
  • Available Technical Support
  • GST Invoice
  • Free Updates
  • Lost customer Indication
  • Zero Maintenace Charges
250 INR per month Sign Up

Own Branding

  • Onetime
  • No Limit Customer and Driver
  • Unlimited Daily Entries
  • Available Technical Support
  • GST Invoice
  • Lost customer Indication
  • Maintenace Charges Applied*
15000 INR onetime Sign up

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Monthly cards is a local business optimization SaaS solution. We aspire to become a marketplace by providing simple yet enterprise level SaaS solutions to local vendors.

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